Celebrity Big Brother: Saves The World (Part 12)

Choc opened the DNA splicer, and TAMaxwell hopped onto the bench, ears flapping and twittering happily to itself.

“Miss Harvey, surely the best idea would be to use myself rather than TAMaxwell. The Smibbles are attacking modern technology and I would be better placed to deliver any new DNA sequence. In fact, I could deliver multiple payloads instantly.” Steve opened several of his connection ports in explanation. TAMaxwell gave a chirp of disapproval, hopping up and down in annoyance.

“I’d rather not Steve. You’re too useful to me. If this doesn’t work I’ll need a back-up plan. You can help me with that. I don’t think TAMaxwell is too happy about the idea either.” She looked up at the Smibble, now perched on top of Steve

“Miss Harvey, I must protest. I am the best way to do this. TAMaxwell must survive so that you can develop better ways of carbon capture to allow humanity to thrive again.” TAMaxwell bounced up and down on Steve in agitation. “Er, Miss Harvey, perhaps you could ask it to stop doing that. It’s upsetting my gyros.”

Choc lifted TAMaxwell back down onto the bench where it continued to bounce up and down, ears bent and twittering in annoyance.

“I could turn you off, you know, then you wouldn’t be able to protest.” Steve buzzed, but otherwise remained silent. Choc stared down at the bench.

“Steve. If anything happened to you…,” she broke off.

“As you say, Miss Harvey,” replied Steve, pushing a scalpel and petri dish onto the table.

Through the night Choc continued to work on TAMaxwell as Steve tracked the spread of the Smibbles across the world thanks to Dave Beige and the 24 hour rolling news broadcast.

As dawn broke, the Smibbles landed on the coast and the new DNA sequence was ready. Choc loaded the sequence into TAMaxwell and then turned to Steve, “I need to get this into your system as well as a back-up.”

“Understood Miss Harvey.” Steve opened a USB port and quickly connecting him up, Choc uploaded the data.

“I just need to double check it’s stored correctly, Steve,” she said walking round to the rear and flipping a panel.

“I believe everything is in order Miss Harvey. What-”

Steve went silent as he powered down, and landed on the bench with a soft bump. “Sorry, old friend,” said Choc. “You’re too important to join in on this one.”

Choc turned to TAMaxwell. “Ready?”

TAMaxwell twittered and jumped into its carry case. Taking a deep breath, Choc picked up the case and walked out of the door. “Let’s go save the world then,” she said, “assuming it’s still worth saving.”

Celebrity Big Brother: Saves The World (Part 12)