“I’m sure you’ll be happier here, dad, than listening to the kids bickering about their video games all day.” Sheila wheeled Finn through the door of the day room. It looked as if someone had vomited Christmas all across the room. The blue fairy lights flashed so fast that Finn wondered if he’d been arrested. A nurse approached as Sheila adjusted his bootlace tie and kissed his rough cheek, shaving wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

“Ah, Mr Finn. Merry Christmas and welcome to our party.” The nurse took the wheelchair as Sheila fled for the door. “You’ll have a very happy time Mr Finn. We’ve even got a swing band. Just like you used to dance to during the war.”

“Too young,” said Finn.

“Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you join in. I’ll leave you here for now.” The nurse parked the wheelchair between the Christmas tree and a table, and fetched him a sweet sherry.

Two hours later, both Finn and the sweet sherry were still there.